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Lpic-2 202

1- OpenVPN: Which port is used for OpenVPN = 1194
2- Which DNS software are used: dnsmasq, djbdns, PowerDns
3- The comand “iptables” for ipv6 = ip6tables
4- Which table use the follooing chains: INPUT, OUTPUT and FORWARDING = filter
5- What is the configuration file of vstpd = /etc/vsftpd.conf
6- The keyword to allow user in sshd file configuration: AllowUsers
7- The indication to the private key at apache= SSLCertificateKeyFile
8- LDAP’s objects means = cn: commonname
9- The mean of @ in at DNS’s question = it means @server domain type or the domain zone.
10- If no ACL lines are included in slapd.conf, what is the default behaviour of slapd? = Allow anyone to read any entry

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